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These Are Brisbane's Best Restaurants for 2018


You have to respect a venue for making such a bold entrance. Heritij joins a smattering of other Brisbane restaurants opening their doors in the second half of 2018, but sticks out for its refreshingly unique Asian-Indian offering. Lead by Michelin Chef and general culinary weapon Manjunath Mural, Heritij is a luxury Indian re-imagination of both comforting classics and exotic modern creations. The menu is full of whimsical items which I guarantee you’ve never heard of, such as ‘Galab Jamun’ (Saffron Cheesecake Log), that are undoubtedly worth sampling.

The restaurant occupies a prime spot in the new Brisbane Quarter precinct (home to W Hotel) overlooking the river and South Bank. I’ll call it: Heritij has the best interior fit-out on this list - it’s simply exquisite. Management has spared no expense in kitting out their new home, which is complete with coloured velvet, brocade wallpaper and moody lighting matching the food served within.

BH Suggestion: Flambé Lamb or Curry Culture paired with the Darjeeling Julep Cocktail.

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