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Asian-Indian Gastronomy 

Many moulds were broken enroute to Mural becoming a chef, and this is the reason why he was named World Gourmet Summit 2012’s Best Asian Chef in Singapore. This included breaking with tradition, as Mural comes from a long line of doctors and was expected to take up the family profession, and refusing to be pigeonholed as just an Indian chef.

Calling his culinary style ‘Asian-Indian gastronomy’, Mural uses traditional Indian preparation methods and blends them with flavours from the various countries he visits, resulting in uniquely juxtaposed culinary offerings. These include Tandoori-marinated Salmon in Sambal and Fresh Pomegranate, Fish with Lobster and Mango-spiced Caviar, and Spiced Chicken Roulade stuffed with Baby Spinach in a Laksa-infused sauce. His dishes have also featured caviar, foie gras, Thai spices and fruits like lychee and longan, arriving in what he terms “lighter Indian food influenced by Asian spice and style.”

Mural’s road to where he is today has been paved with many milestones. These include being named runner-up of Channel News Asia’s Perfect Meal, and serving the President of Singapore his standout creation of White Chocolate Semolina Crack Wheat Kheer.

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