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Cooking Demonstration and Classes

With years of experience hosting cooking classes and demonstrations, Chef Mural has built a strong following of fans with his engaging and easy-to-understand ways of explanation.

Recipe Development

Always exploring traditional and modern ingredients, Chef Mural is rooted in traditional know-how and has also created an array of progressive, award-winning dishes.

Product Endorsement

Chef Mural is open to partnering with brands that are in line with his culinary philosophy.










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With his extensive experience, there are more ways than one of collaboration with Chef Mural. His love for his craft has its basis in its mutability. “I have never been bored in the kitchen. Playing with ingredients, colours, flavours, presentation and garnishes makes me happy. I like the constant thinking it requires, and the way we can modify the cuisine, and shape it according to local demand, while still ensuring diners know it is Indian cuisine,” says Mural, who names fellow luminaries Vikas Khanna (whom Manju collaborated with in 2012 as part of the World Gourmet Summit), Vineet Bhatia and Atul Kochar as his culinary influences.


From concept & brand building, recipe development, SOP Manuals, tastings to full operational-set up, Chef Mural and his team can make your F&B dreams come true.


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