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Former Song of India Chef Manjunath Mural Starts a New Chapter With His Restaurant, Adda

The awarded chef, who helped the local restaurant Song of India earn a Michelin star for three consecutive years, will open his own dining concept in November 2020

After serving as Song of India’s culinary director for 14 years and helping it earn one Michelin star for four consecutive years, revered chef Manjunath Mural has announced that he has left the restaurant to open his own restaurant in Singapore.

“My philosophy has also evolved over the years, as consumer trends are changing. With the Song of India, my team was able to work on refining the Indian recipes and elevate it to a gastronomic level,” shared Mural.

However, he also admitted that he had always wanted to share his rich heritage Indian dishes creatively, leading him to partner with Genie Collective Group to open his debut restaurant, Adda. The F&B brand also runs Beirut Grill, Kebabs Factory and nightclub Magic Carpet in Singapore.

Slated to open sometime in November this year, his new dining concept will focus on delicious Neo-Indian fare, served in a fun and casual way. Shared Mural: “This upcoming project will allow me to share my knowledge of Indian cuisine in new and exciting ways.”

Watch this space to find out more about his upcoming Indian restaurant.

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