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The first Michelin guide Street Food Festival Macau kicks off today. It will feature Michelin starred chefs from Singapore, Japan, and Macau, all of whom will showcase their signature dishes at Studio City’s Macau Gourmet Walk. Visitors can enjoy a variety of three dishes from the 11 stalls, with prices ranging from MOP40 to MOP60 for the next four days.

Chef Manjunath Mural, head chef of The Song of India in Singapore (which has one Michelin star), told the press that the festival is a good opportunity for the public to experience an array of street food creations and signature delicacies. The chef added that Macau has positioned itself to attract Michelin starred restaurants, saying, “in Asia, most of the cities and countries want that Michelin star and I think Macau is lucky as it has [Michelin-starred restaurants].”

“Macau is one of the best destinations in Asia after Japan [with] so many Michelin restaurants and experiences,” Mural added. The head chef also noted that he has observed that local chefs are striving hard to achieve a Michelin star rating and will not compromise on quality.

According to Mural, presenting Indian cuisine in the region is a challenge as some locals are not particularly fond of heavy spices. However, the chef noted that he is aware of his customers’ preferences. “I do the food according to customer’s preferences. I know their taste bud,” he said.

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