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Thank you Michelin guide Singapore

Michelin Guide Singapore

On 21 July, Chef Manjunath Mural received the first Michelin star award for Song of India, the first Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia to achieve a Michelin star.

Firstly I would thank you Michelin guide Singapore for this prestigious Honour to receive the precious award my dream has come true. On this occasion I would also like to thank you STB , My Hard Working Kitchen Chefs , my passionate Service Crew, My Parents who supported me to become a Chef though I come from family of Doctors Finally I would like u thank my owners Mr Saboo, Mr Paul and Mrs Terese Paul for continuous support to achieve this precious award.

Thank you once again.

Best Regards,

Chef Mural

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Catch a video by The Strait Times on a short interview with Chef Mural on the award night:

Song of India's chef Manjunath Mural and director Therese Paul, on what being on the Singapore Michelin Guide means for their restaurant and for the country. ST VIDEO: KENNETH GOH


Chef Manjunath Mural is represented by

For media enquiries, contact Jenny Tan at

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