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Deepavali 2018: 6 ways to enjoy the Festival of Lights and Indian culture in Singapore

Indulge in a festive meal at Singapore’s best Indian restaurant

If you haven’t been to the Michelin-starred The Song of India, drop everything and indulge in a special Deepavali feast. This festive degustation menu is one amazing and unique introduction to Chef Manjunath Mural’s fine dining approach to Indian cuisine. Make your way to this gorgeous black-and-white bungalow for one helluva festive feast: we’re talking four courses meal including an ‘art palette’ with seven different tastings.

Chef Mural outdoes himself with a special native menu that brings dishes from India’s many regions to your table in Singapore. Plus, it’s all cooked in clay pots over outdoor wood-fire burning stoves for those super authentic countryside flavours. We’re still drooling over mildly tangy amti dhal and that Bihari chicken curry that’s slow-cooked, spiced to perfection and paired with deep fried puris.

We’re extra pleased to see our favourites from last year make an appearance – sambal barramundi tikka and chargrilled laksa chicken kebab that weave local flavours with classic Indian techniques. Savour that aam ka panna, a flavoured raw mango drink and an excellent palate cleanser, before diving into the traditional Indian desserts. We still can’t pick a favourite between the Bengali misti doi, a lovely and light fro-yo brulee and an epic cheesecake that encases gulab jamuns! Want to pick up a very special Deepavali gift? Song of India’s famous mithai (released every year with new limited edition flavours) is sure to impress.

Indian sweets gift boxes are available at $45++ (for an assortment of 3 selections of 15 sweets) and $109++ (an assortment of 6 varieties of 15 sweets).

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