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Get to know the chefs behind Brisbane's newest restaurants

Brisbane food lovers are in for a treat as an Italian restaurant by the Gambaro family and an Asian-Indian diner and bar prepare to open their doors at the $1 billion Brisbane Quarter development.

Michelin-Starred chef Manjunath Mural, of Singapore's Song of India, will head Heritij, the new 'Asian-Indian gastronomy' venue.

The collaboration with Nick Pinn of Malt Dining and Sridhar Penumechu from the Gold Coast's Saffron Restaurant will deliver contemporary Indian food and the bar will include a range of wines and savoury cocktails.

Persone, an Italian restaurant by Gambaro, is all about authentic Italian food with every item on the menu personally tasted by Michael Gambaro.

A third restaurant, which remains confidential, will open at Brisbane Quarter in November.

Chef Manjunath Mural: The Asian Indian Gastronomist of Heritij at Brisbane Quarter.

Chef Manjunath Mural - Heritij

Experience: 20 Years

What menu item will be a real crowd pleaser? The masala-spiced fondue with lamb, chicken and fish kebabs for dipping as it is an unusual concept within Indian cuisine [and] is great for sharing too.

What is your favourite menu item? The Kashmiri lamb shanks that are slow cooked in a flavourful gravy of yoghurt and spices 'til extremely tender. This is a dish which has a traditional taste but I have refined the sauce with a tinge of saltbush in it.

What is your go-to pre-dinner drink? A glass of pinot noir as it complements my curry dishes.

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