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Indian Chef Manjunath wins 1Michelin Star third time in a row

Chef Murals is creating dishes with difference which is leading a new diemension to Indian cuisines. His exclusive dishes like blue cheese naans and tandoori lobsters have created waves in Singapore; he calls his culinary style: Asian- Indian gastronomy.

Chef Manju uses traditional methods in his preparation, his dishes are well appreciated. His prominent dishes include Tandoori-marinated Salmon in Sambal and Fresh Pomegranate, Fish with Lobster and Mango-spiced Caviar, and Spiced Chicken Roulade stuffed with Baby Spinach in a Laksa-infused sauce. His dishes have also featured caviar, foie gras, Thai spices and fruits like lychee and longan. He visits various countries to explore latest emerging trends.

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