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6 Places To Experience Global Christmas Traditions In Singapore

Song Of India Chef Manjunath Mural draws inspiration from his youth for Song of India’s 5-course Christmas Celebration Feast that reflects the multicultural dishes in India: “I hope to create the same memories of warmth and homeliness that I experienced in my youth during this month.” India’s rich spices and flavours take centre stage in the Tandoori Turkey Kebab, Stuffed Turkey Roulade, and Kashmiri Wazwan Slow-Roasted and Smoked Baby Leg of Lamb. The lamb is immersed in a series of spices then marinated overnight with yoghurt and mustard, before it is pot-roasted and grilled in the oven the next day. Accompanied by a medley of broccoli, peppers and potatoes infused with Indian spices then drizzled with a traditional onion and cashew sauce, it is a hearty dish set on the Christmas dining table. Available for dine-in and takeaway from 18-26 December.

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