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Chicken Rice, the signature dish of Singapore by Chef Mural

When I arrived in Singapore year back in 2006, from Mumbai India. In my first off day, I was wondering what should I have for my lunch , I am a rice eater, Since I am from India. I am not familiar in any international cuisine that time . I went out to see some familiar food and some rice dishes. I was near a casual restaurant , the dish name “chicken rice” got my attention, I was wondering was in it, since word rice was there. i still remember it was Loy key chicken rice shop at Balestier. I was expecting it has some curry with it , but when they served the dish it was just rice and slices of chicken. I was thinking how I will eat this dish without a curry. But when I tasted, the chicken was roasted and the rice cooked in a different style and of course the chilly sauce was amazing. Since then I fell in love with this chicken rice dish . Then it became my weekly routine to have Chicken Rice. I feel to be very excited and happy whenever I eat CR (I started calling CR). . After few months , I started to find different places to try this chicken rice. Even in a simple cafes or food stalls the taste and the quality is always there. CR became my Favourite food. Whenever someone ask me what will be a good dish to have in sg, CR would always be my first choice. Though I tried so many places most of them serve a very decent Chicken Rice,but Loy Kee, Naam Kee chicken rice, Tian Tian Chicken rice are my favourite food stall to have. I also noticed people eating CR during lunch and dinner specially local community. People are willing to wait and line up to have it. Most of the Indian love this dish. And for me as Indian this dish is simple but perfectly complete meal. Until I am in SG , CR ie Chicken Rice will be my number 1 dish in Sg. It is proven that local people named this dish as one of the best signature dish for Singaporean. Today is my off , and I can’t help to stop myself to have CR. So do try this simple, tasty and complete flavour dish when you visit Singapore.

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